The Process

The Process

Eco Grid Solutions Specializes in designing and manufacturing customized solar outdoor lighting projects for a wide range of lighting applications and locations.  We excel in efficient products and green power generation.

Our Lighting products include street, garden, pathway, flood and Driveway lights. Our lights can be installed anywhere, from Northern Canada to South America. Our team of engineers and product developers will work with you every step of the way to develop and design a product to meet your needs.consultation


  • Contact our team to discuss you project
  • Our engineers will design a product to meet you needs
  • Finalize details such as fixture style, pole design, colours and quantities
  • Place order and deliver


Each Streetlight is specifically designed for your application. This ensures that our products will exceed you expectations. Eco Grid Solutions is leading the industry with the newest technologies and designs. At Eco Grid we incorporating new technologies such as Lithium batteries, remote monitoring via Internet, wind power options when solar alone is not enough and leading edge programmable lighting profiles. Let us help you light a greener and brighter future.


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